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Baby Fruity Pacifier
Baby Fruity Pacifier
Baby Fruity Pacifier
Baby Fruity Pacifier
Baby Fruity Pacifier
Baby Fruity Pacifier
Baby Fruity Pacifier

Baby Fruity Pacifier

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Baby Fruity Pacifier

  • Small (4 months and up)
  • Medium (6 months and up)
  • Large (9 months and up)

Introduce your baby to a new world of flavors and nutrients with our No.1 rated Baby Fruity Pacifier. It's award winning design helps keep your baby calm, encourages natural chewing and helps soothe teething pains.

Baby Fruity Pacifier

The nibblers are specifically engineered to only allow the tiniest food particle to pass through. This makes it a safe and convenient way to introduce your baby to solid food.

Baby Fruity Pacifier

Ensure your child is well nourished and taken care off with our Baby Fruity Pacifier.

    Baby Fruity Pacifier


    • Nourishes your baby
    • Keeps baby calm
    • Soothes teething pain

    Our Baby Fruity Pacifier acts as a smart alternative to a teething or development toy. It's bright colors also helps with sensory stimulation of your baby.

    Baby Fruity Pacifier

    The intuitive easy-grip handle of the pacifier also encourages babies to grab it, making this the first step towards feeding independence!


    Know exactly what nutrients you are giving your baby and how it is beneficial for them!

    Baby Fruity Pacifier

      Apple - Contains important fibers that maintains bowel regularity. Also rich in antioxidants which promotes bone growth.

      Avocado - Incredibly nutritious, full of monounsaturated fats, carbohydrates and proteins to ensure a overall healthy growth. Truly a power fruit!

      Banana - Particularly rich in potassium, helps regulate blood pressure and protect against kidney stones.

       - Contains flavonoids that is responsible for heart health and protecting against bad cholesterol. It is also thought to have antibiotic properties!


      Mango - The glutamine acid present in mangoes is essential for your child's brain development. Along with vitamin B6, it helps promote better memory.

      Peach - Rich in antioxidants that is important for the healthy development of your baby's eyes and vision.

      Papaya - Rich source of vitamin C that helps develop your baby's immune system and keep diseases at bay.

      Pear - Gentle on the stomach, pears are wonderful for babies who may be suffering from reflux or indigestion.


      • Easy to wash
      • 100% safe and BPA free
      • Simple to use
      • Comes with dust-proof cover

      Baby Fruity Pacifier

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